Who We Are

We are members of the Whatcom LGBTQ+ community -- out or otherwise. And we are family, friends, and allies of the entire spectrum of gender and sexual minorities. We work to provide a foundation united with LGBTQ people and allies who all support one another on their journey.

In our own words

Click here to listen to our board co-chairs Diana Campbell and Francie Gass talk about who we are and what we do on KGMI's Whatcom Report.

Our history

  • 1994 - Community members gathered to discuss discrimination they had been seeing

  • 2000 - Started Bellingham Pride

  • 2004 - Whatcom PFLAG started the Just Us Youth Program, which later became the Queer Resource Center (QRC)

  • 2014 - Celebrated 20th anniversary

  • 2018 - Started Speakers Bureau in Whatcom County

  • 2020 - Produced online Transgender Day of Remembrance event

Our Board of Directors

  • Diana Campbell - PFLAG Board Co-Chair

  • Kim Kendall - PFLAG Board Co-Chair

  • Constance Murphy - PFLAG board treasurer

  • Francie Gass - PFLAG board secretary

  • Emily Johnson - PFLAG webmaster and board member

  • Ryan Castle - PFLAG board member

  • Marcia Leishman - PFLAG board member

  • Chris Hyde - PFLAG board member