Transgender Assistance Fund


PFLAG Whatcom with the help of PFLAG Skagit has a new project! We created a fund from which we will give monetary assistance to help transgender individuals from Whatcom and Skagit Counties. We established this fund because we saw a need in our counties. Transgender individuals often have expenses that are not covered by insurance and/or these individuals do not have the support of family to help with expenses. Some of these expenses can be for things such as official name changing, birth certificate changes, binders, wigs, appropriate clothing, electrolysis, copays to providers.

Transgender individuals may fill out the application below to apply. The TAF committee will review applications once a month and based on our TAF finances offer financial support to those who applied. The financial grants will go to providers of services not the individual. We will cap grants at $300 per person, per 12-months.

We are asking our PFLAG friends to donate to the TAF account. We prefer a monthly pledge so we can anticipate a steady income flow, but of course we will accept all donations gratefully. We use VANCO for all donations; your financial information is encrypted and safe!

We hope you are as excited as we are to try to make life a bit easier for our transgender friends.

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**Important UPDATE**

Whatcom and Skagit Counties offer a Fee Waiver for Name Changes.

Link for Skagit County:

Link for Whatcom County:

The Fee Waiver is for those who would find the $296.50 fee a burden on their finances.